Love At First Sight

I was finally able to get a glimpse of my daughter’s face…and honestly, I was not at all ready for what it did to me.  Let me tell you, love at first sight is real!

We went in for our latest ultrasound, and as usual, I sat there watching the technician as she worked on getting all of the baby’s measurements.  I have to say that it’s pretty fascinating to watch as she was pointing out the different parts of the baby and letting us know how much she has increased in size since our last visit about 2 months ago.

Then the technician did something that still defies explanation for me.  She asked if we wanted to see the baby’s face.  I agreed, figuring that she was just going to give us a head shot on the ultrasound machine.  What I didn’t expect was to actually SEE our little girl’s face!  And in one of the pictures, I swear she was laughing at me as if she knew that she was the star of the show.

The reality is that I knew being a parent would change me.  I’ve had more than enough people let me know that would be the case, and there are certain changes that you know will have to be made to prepare to take care of a life that you have played a part in creating.  I think the thing that has surprised me is how much my way of thinking has already changed.

The things that I find myself thinking about teaching her…the places I one day want to take her to…the amazing things that I want to expose her to.  I have found that I spend my days constantly floating somewhere between living my own life and day-dreaming about hers.

What has been incredibly helpful is that we have received several prophetic Words from completely different people, and each message has been a confirmation of the things that were said previously about her.  We know that God has his hand on her life and that His favor will go before her.  We also know that she has a great anointing and that God is going to use her to change the lives of others.  But what will that look like?  How will that play out?  What gifts will she have?  What are the things that will come naturally easy to her?  What things will she struggle with learning?  What problems will she have to face?  What obstacles will she overcome?  Most importantly, how many lives will her life affect?

I have no answer to any of these questions…but I’m truly excited about what’s to come!  And after seeing the pictures above, I think that she is, too!



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