Happy Valentine’s Birthday, Naomi!

Well, early yesterday morning I was awakened by my wife with those lovely words every man wants to hear at 3:15am:  “Jay-Jay, my water just broke!”

Now, if you think this was handled calmly and in an organized fashion, then you don’t really know either of us.  Let me set the stage for you:  It was pitch black in the bedroom and I was sound asleep when Sonia threw off the covers & bolted from the bed as she made her declaration while waddle-running to the bathroom.

She scared me so bad, she nearly made MY water break!  Yup, nearly made me have to clean up after two people.  And then as I am jumping up out of the bed to turn on lights & grab the nearest pair of sweatpants, here comes Jazz running up the stairs to add his own personal level of crazy to the situation.

Honestly, we probably looked like a 3 act circus for the next 30 minutes.  Trying to call the doula, yelling at Jazz to go somewhere and lay down, notifying the hospital, grabbing the bags, yelling at Jazz to move out of the way, throwing stuff in the truck, running back to grab bags we forgot upstairs, yelling at Jazz to turn off all the lights upstairs…ok, maybe not that last one, but definitely alot of yelling at Jazz about a multitude of things. Lol.

While racing to the hospital, Sonia’s contractions were about 15-18 minutes apart and she was handling them like a soldier.  Breathing her way through them in between texts, phone calls, and us laughing about how we were about to spend our Valentine’s Day.  About 5 minutes before we got there, we grabbed hands and prayed for God’s protection & provision.  We had been accepted as a part of the Mid-Wife Group at a specialized birthing hospital in West-Allis, Wisconsin.  Our plan had been to do a natural birth, however, our most recent ultrasound had shown that our child had her feet down, which would wreck our mid-wife dreams completely.

We knew a quick ultrasound was coming upon arrival at the hospital to see if we would be working with the mid-wives, or if they needed to call in the surgeon for a C-section.  Our prayer was for God to grab her feet and flip her little end around; but more than anything, we prayed for her to be healthy regardless of the birthing process we had to go through.

After being brought into the birthing room, the ultrasound showed that our little girl was basically standing upright with her legs crossed.  (I can already see that we are going to have problems with this one! Lol.)  So the C-section was going to have to be her new escape route.

Over the next 15 minutes we began explaining to all of the doctors & nurses that Sonia wanted to be coherant during the procedure.  Yes, we wanted her numb, but not so numb that she wouldn’t remember, or be able to hold our child once Naomi had been brought out.  Obviously, there would be some pain that would have to be endured, but Sonia felt it would be totally worth being present for this, and I supported her 100% in pushing for her desires to be met.

I want to tell you that the staff at West Allis was absolutely amazing!  Sonia had been seeing a pre-natal chiropractor who had apparently aligned Sonia so well that operating team had trouble finding a spot to put in the epidural.  Instead of giving up and just putting Sonia completely under through her I.V., they showed a patience rarely found in today’s world and spent an extra 30 minutes trying to find an entry spot that would give Sonia the best outcome on a non-preferred situation.

After getting her prepped for surgery, they gowned me up and brought me into the operating room where I was able to be next to my wife & witness the most beautiful piece of art I have ever participated in creating being brought into the world.

People had been asking me if I thought I would cry, and I honestly didn’t know the answer.  I remembered this question as I watched my little girl being removed from her home for the last 9 months and realized I didn’t have the urge to cry. Instead, there was this overwhelming urge to shout and run and hug my wife!  I was ready to celebrate a promise God had made to me back in my twenties, back when I swore I would never have children.  So, to see His continued faithfulness…even through my foolishness, made me feel like galloping through that room a lot like Jazz was doing that morning!  And then getting to hold her…wow, just an amazing feeling.

So, instead of pulling a Jazz, I took out my bluetooth speaker, opened up Spotify, and filled the room with our Worship Playlist.  There was nothing I could compare with sitting there next to my amazing wife and watching her hold our child on her chest as the surgeons worked to a background of Israel singing “To Worship You I Live”, and Hillsong declaring “You Make Me Brave”, and then New Breed reminding me of my own testimony with “If Not For Your Grace”.


It is funny, I didn’t have the urge to cry then, but recalling that moment from yesterday, and seeing the photo, has tears ready to fall now.  Speaking from another song, “you don’t know our story, or the things that we’ve been through.  You can’t feel our pain, or what we had to go through to get here,” but through it all, God has us here anyway. Through divorce and through foreclosure.  Through emotional breaking and God’s reshaping. Through the good & the bad.  When friends & family was for us, & even during times when loved ones became the main obstacle to overcome.  Through it all, God has been more faithful to Sonia & I than we could ever deserve or thank Him enough for.  And then for Him to bless us with Naomi…He truly is a good, good Father, it’s just who He is.

Now, if you already know Him, then you know exactly what I am talking about when I write about His amazing ability to love and provide.  However, if you’re reading this and you don’t know Him in the way I have described, but you’re interested in having Him do for you what He has done for me…then hit me up through the contact page on the website as I would love to tell you more about Him personally.

With that being said, I am going to let you go so I can start getting ready to go see my two favorite ladies.  I’ve got a dog sitter to figure out, a car seat to learn how to put in the truck, and a 12 guage to go buy! Lol.  So, I think I’m going to end this post by leaving you with the lyrics to my song of the day:

“This Is Living” by Hillsong Young & Free

Waking up knowing there’s a reason
All my dreams come alive.
Life is for living with You,
I’ve made my decision.

You lift me up, fill my eyes with wonder,
Forever young in Your love.
This freedom’s untainted with You,
No moment is wasted.

See the sun now bursting through the clouds,
Black and white turns to colour all around.
All is new, in the Savior I am found:

This is living now!

You lead the way, God You’re right beside me,
In Your love I’m complete.
There’s nothing like living with You,
This life You created, I choose.

See the sun now bursting through the clouds,
Black and white turn to color all around.
All is new, in the Savior I am found:

This is living now!

You take me higher than I’ve been before,
It’s Your perfect love that sees me soar.
God your freedom is an open door,
You are everything I want and more.


6 Comments on “Happy Valentine’s Birthday, Naomi!

  1. Jay I love you man. You are an incredible. This just blessed me. Thank you so much for sharing. I am grateful for friends like you. Thank you for being true to a heart of worship. There is nothing like living through the grace of God and experiencing His overwhelming faithfulness and love. I am so happy and proud of you and Sonia. I cannot wait to meet Naomi. I know she will be a powerful force in the Kingdom. With love from the Ratliffs


    • Thank you so much! She is definitely going to be something in the kingdom! Lol. I hear her give out a war-cry every time she wakes up looking for somebody to feed her!


  2. Good morning Mr. & Mrs. Jay English, 1st let me say congratulations on the new bundle of joy. Jay I love the entire story, I saw this a couple of weeks ago but due to my health I wasn’t able to read it. However reading it today has brightened my morning and day, I love hearing about other people happiness and how GOOD GOD has been/is being to them. I’ve heard you and Sonia story when I attended JNAC, I’m so happy for you and your family I pray that GOD continue to bless you all. Oh and about that 12 guage, they are going to learn real quick, again awesome and beautiful story.



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