Months 4 – 7, Naomi’s Growing Up

Somebody should have told me that trying to keep up with all of Naomi’s first time experiences and writing about them was going to be a full time job!  I blame some of you for this post being nearly 4 months late! Ya’ll should have said something, you know that I’m a rookie at this! Lol.

I mean, the first 3 months were pretty easy to manage and keep up with.  There was a pretty nice leap in development every 3 – 4 weeks which made keeping this blog up to date pretty simple.  But, then month 4 happened!  And I don’t know what was in that bottle she was drinking, but this chick started blowing my mind on a regular basis and has not slowed down since then.

So, what I decided to do was to just capture everything on video and put together a movie for you to see what all has been going on in her world for the past several months.  At this rate, it may actually be easier for me to do something like this quarterly, cause trying to keep up with the new things she is doing EVERY SINGLE DAY is freakin’ exhausting!  But it is exhausting in the most incredible way imaginable.

She has brought a simple joy to living that I didn’t even know I was missing from my life. I mean, I literally sat and watched her play with an empty plastic cup for like 20 minutes.  She was just laughing and slamming it on the floor, and on the couch, and on the dog (sorry, Jazz) like it was the most incredible thing she had ever seen.  To see her having the time of her life with something that I literally take for granted and drink from; it made me take inventory of my life and forced me to again slow down and start being intentional about appreciating every aspect of life.

I’ve found that her laugh captivates me in a way that is hard to express, but it’s like when she laughs, there is a purity to it.  There is no pretense, no trying to fit in, no trying to make me feel good, no thought about what people may think, & definitely no thought given about where she may be at the time, or who she may be disturbing.  If it’s funny to her, you’re going to know…and it honestly reminds me so much of my mother that there are times when the sound of her laugh nearly makes me emotional.

God, do I miss my mother’s laugh…But, I’m so thankful, because for whatever reason, He saw fit to bless me with Bobby #2 and gave me a daughter who’s loudest laughing fits always happen in church!  And anyone who knew my momma knew that was the one place where she always laughed the hardest.  So, during those times when my daughter sees something funny to her & is cackling away like a little maniac in the middle of Bishop Harvey’s sermon, I just shake my head, look up at the ceiling, & imagine my Mom & Jesus sitting somewhere together laughing at me.  I can just see it being hilarious to them that I am the only person in my entire church who constantly has to remove my daughter from service because she is literally laughing to loud!

Over the past 3 months she has become my laughing partner.  I’ve found that her eyesight has grown much sharper, so now I can make faces at her from across the room and she’ll give me that goofy open mouth smile that I love.  Or, I’ll walk through the door and the minute I come around the corner, she’ll just start laughing cause she knows the human jungle gym has finally arrived!  This journey with her has even opened another door to my relationship with God as I have to imagine that this is also how He feels about us as His children.  This is also why I chose the song I did for the video; as I have a complete understanding that every moment of every day is precious & not to be wasted.  With that understanding comes the realization that I truly don’t want to miss a thing.  I want to soak in every moment and continue to let those moments leave their mark on me.

As I look back over my life, I know for a fact that God has blessed me beyond measure.  He has done more for me in the last 3 years of my life than I thought I would achieve in the next 20.  After seeing the doors He has opened, there is no person on this earth who could ever convince me that God doesn’t exist & that He doesn’t care about the specific details of my everyday life.  He has truly been a friend who sticks closer than a brother…He never left me or given up on me, even when I gave Him every reason to do just that.  And every time I look at my daughter, I see the fruit of an incredible promise made 15 years ago by a faithful God to a young man who swore he was never having children.  Who would’ve thought that being wrong about something would become one of the best things to ever happen to me?

With that being said, Naomi, I want you to always know that you have greatness in you!  Know that you will change lives!  Know that you will have an amazing impact on this world.  But, most of all, know that you were promised to me, and Daddy promises to do everything in his power to return the joy that you continually bring to my life with each passing day!



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