Month 3 – Naomi’s First Road Trip

Well, we hit another milestone this past week.  Naomi went on her first road trip out to beautiful Apple Valley, Minnesota for a leadership conference at River Valley Church. She actually did pretty well on the way there and only exploded 2 diapers on the 5 hour trip…which was about 3 less diapers than what I was expecting. However, she did completely make up…

Naomi’s First Swim

Happy to say that Naomi survived her first time in water outside of the bathroom sink! Lol.  I think she did pretty well up until Sonia tried to take her all the way under…then her black side kicked in!  For a good laugh, check out her reaction in the attached video.

Naomi’s 2 Month Old Photo Shoot

Two months in and Naomi celebrated her first Easter & met her great-grandfather.  She’s growing so fast & is seemingly showing us something new everyday.  Looking forward to seeing what month 3 brings!

Naomi’s One Month Old Photo Shoot

Truly happy to celebrate Naomi’s first month out! Lol.  Looking forward to the many more random photoshoots to come!  Daddy loves you, Princess Naomi Anaya!

Milwaukee Baby Shower

Much love to Tiffany Washington, Tabatha Jordan, & Tonya Adair for putting together our second amazing baby shower at our home church of Parklawn Assembly of God.  We truly had a great time seeing everyone and hearing all of the baby horror stories that I get to look forward to experiencing for myself in the near future!

Waukegan Baby Shower

Here are pictures (provided by Rio Wray) from the 1st Baby Shower that was thrown for us by my sister, Tookie.  It was really more like a huge family reunion with some people coming through that I literally had not seen in years!  We had an amazing time and I literally laughed so much that my face was hurting by the end of the…

Gender Reveal Party: It’s A Girl!

 What’s In The Box?!?! Well, the wait is finally over.  After all of my complaining about how foul my wife was for making me wait all of last week to find out what we were having, with the opening of one giant box (shown in the video below) my entire world was changed.  We are having a baby girl! It is still surreal to…

Baby Announcement Photo Shoot

We’ve got Baby English on the way, due to make his/her appearance around the first week of March.  We’re very excited and want to thank Mario Wray for the incredible photography.

Our Wedding Day

Literally one of the most beautiful days of my life.  Beautiful day, beautiful venue, & a beautiful bride.  I still say we had the best wedding I’ve ever been to!

Engagement Scavenger Hunt

In my effort to have the most creative engagement ever, I stressed myself out beyond belief! But thanks to some incredible family & friends it was a scavenger hunt for the ages that ended with Sonia saying those three incredible words I had waited so long to hear: “I Give Up”.